vegan incense, natural resin dyes

Vegan Incense - Night Flowers - Essential Oils - Natural Dyes and Resins - x10 pack

  • £3.95

Vegan Incense - Expertly handmade from a traditional Indian incense recipe, these natural incense sticks are scented only with natural resins, flower petals and pure essential oils. They're also only coloured with natural dyes. 100% free from chemicals and synthetics, these are soothing and gentle sticks perfect for yoga, meditation and burning in the home. A potent and smooth burning incense, suitable for even delicate pet noses.

Night flower is a tropical incense made from indian night flower’s, with a sweet floral fragrance.

Stick Size – Approx 8 inches
Stick Weight – Each stick weighs slightly over a gram
Burn Time – 40 – 45 mins

Vegan (everything in our shop is vegan friendly, including the staff)
Vegetarian friendly
No Animal Testing 
No Animal Ingredients 
Cruelty Free