Honea Orange Blossom, Honey Dipper, Gift Box, 6'' Use by 06/20

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Treat yourself, a loved one or a friend to this wonderful vegan gift set.
Sealed with gift tag and twine ready to give as a gift.
Every care is put into making these beautiful vegan treats. 
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Orange Blossom Vegan Honey 230g
This sumptuous Bee Less Vegan Honey Alternative conjures up visions of Spanish orange groves, to produce a divine golden vegan honey that has complex yet delicate floral notes of orange blossom. It has a smooth, deep flavour that is fresh and woody with aromas of pine.
Containing inulin, a prebiotic dietary fiber that can promote digestive health and boost beneficial gut bacteria there by enhancing immune function. Studies have also shown inulin can increase calcium absorption and provide better blood sugar control.

Wooden Honey Dipper, Bee Vegan 4''

Ingredients are included.