vegan gift hamper

Vegan Gift Hamper, Large Gift Basket, Handmade Bath & Shower Treats, 12''

  • £33.99

Treat yourself, a loved one or a friend to this wonderful vegan gift set.
Sealed with gift tag and twine ready to give as a gift.
Every care is put into making these beautiful handmade scented treats.  
Ingredients for all products are included.

Vegan Bubble Cupcake 75g
Tropical Coconut
Sweet, tropical smell of  Mango and Passion fruit
This pretty pink bubble cup is topped with lovely creamy shea butter to moisturise your skin, butterflies and glitter.
Fizzes for ages..... filling the water with creamy captivating pink bubbles!

Vegan Foot Pumice 120g
Fruity Banana & Vanilla
This unique vegan foot pumice smells exactly like a fruity banana split mixed with creamy vanilla.
One side of the bar creates a wonderful creamy lather so you can clean and soften your feet up and the other side is pumice stone so you can scrub away at any rough bits.  
You will get plenty of uses from this single bar so it is excellent value for money.

Vegan Foot Pumice 120g
Peppermint & Lime Vegan
This invigorating vegan foot pumice with its punchy peppermint aroma will smooth and cleanse your feet leaving them feeling wonderfully cool and fresh.  It contains plenty of coconut oil to moisturise your feet as you scrub away hard bits with the pumice and poppy seeds.
You will get plenty of uses from this single bar so it is excellent value for money.

Vegan Organic Soap Bar  90-120g
Organic Avocado and Olive Oil
A scent free vegan organic soap, perfect for sensitive skin.  Cold pressed Avocado and Olive Oils make this soap extra nourishing, helping dry skin stay hydrated and soft.

Vegan Organic Soap Bar  90-120g
Organic Orange & Lime Essential Oil 
This organic vegan soap is especially great for oily skin types.  It smells exactly like freshly sliced oranges, sweet and juicy with zesty lime.  
Containing jojoba seed oil and avocado oil to care for the skin along with sweet orange essential oil with its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties.

Vegan Organic Soap Bar  90-120g
Organic Peppermint Pumice 
Volcanic pumice is great to scrub away any dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

Vegan Sugar Scrub 90g
Sea Minerals
Dead sea minerals solid sugar vegan sugar scrub is an exfoliating luxury scrubby bar with a wonderful fresh ocean scent.
Contains cocoa seed butter, great for nourishing dry skin and dead sea salts which are known for their calming, anti aging and circulation boosting properties.

Vegan Shampoo | Shower Gel 250ml
Sea Minerals 
Enjoy a refreshing shower with a wonderful ocean scent.  Contains real dead sea salt crystals which are rich in minerals and have anti-bacterial properties. This will leave your skin and hair smelling amazing and feeling fresh.
SLS, SLES & Paraben Free!

Vegan Giant Bath Bomb 220g
Chococana (Banana & Chocolate)
Indulge in the alluring, sweet smell of Banana and Chocolate.  
Let it fizz away in your bath leaving behind its wonderful oma.  Once it is completely finished fizzing there is a hidden treasure surprise left behind!

Vegan Soy Wax Candle Melt 25ml
Lime Cooler
This candle melt reminds us of drinking  mouth watering, refreshing Lime Margaritas on a summers day.  
A delicious tangy melt that will fill your whole room.

Vegan (everything in our shop is vegan friendly, including the staff)
Vegetarian friendly
No Animal Testing
No Animal Ingredients
Cruelty Free
Sustainable Palm Oil
SLS and Paraben Free.
Bath Product colourants are of the highest cosmetic grade and will not stain your bath.
Handmade in the UK

Ingredients are included with all products.

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