Vegan Easter Box, Contains delicious Honea by Plant Based Artisan and Chocolate Creme Egg from Truffle Pig 5''

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Delicious Vegan Easter Box.


Truffle Pig Creme Egg filled with a smooth, creamy vanilla fondant and signature yellow yolk, these cream eggs are encased in a 55% dark chocolate shell and foil wrapped. A quality, ethically produced, handmade, guilt free version of an Easter classic!

Plant Based Artisan Orange Blossom Honea conjures up visions of Spanish orange groves, to produce a divine golden vegan honey that has complex yet delicate floral notes of orange blossom. It has a smooth, deep flavour that is fresh and woody with aromas of pine. Containing inulin, a prebiotic dietary fiber that can promote digestive.

Be Vegan Wooden Honea (Honey) Dipper