Honea, Lavender (Vegan Honey Alternative), 190ml jar

Honea, Lavender (Vegan Honey Alternative), 190ml jar

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Bee Less Vegan Lavender Honey Alternative has been created to capture the mid-summer floral bloom of lavender. With a mild and delicate lavender flavour combined with soft earthy, lemon and minty undertones providing a smooth fruity taste.

Containing inulin, a prebiotic dietary fibre that can promote digestive health and boost beneficial gut bacteria there by enhancing immune function. Studies have also shown inulin can increase calcium absorption and provide better blood sugar control.

Flavour Profile: Lavender, Earthy Undertones

Serving Suggestion:
Salad dressings
Breakfast Cereals
Vegan probiotic yogurt

Benefits of Inulin: 
Improves gut health
Better blood sugar control
Can strengthen immune system
High in fibre


Handcrafted by Plant Based Artisian