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Giant Vegan Gift Hamper, Luxury Spa & Relaxation Treats

  • £40.99

Treat yourself, a loved one or a friend to this wonderful vegan gift set.
Sealed with gift tag and twine ready to give as a gift.
Every care is put into making these beautiful handmade scented treats. 
Ingredients for all products are included. 

Pink Champagne, Soy Wax Candle, 100g, 
20 hour burn time
A wonderful vegan candle has a feminine sweet scent of grapefruit and pink champagne.
Made using Eco Soy wax and high quality vegan fragrances that are paraben and phthalate free. 

Strawberry & Poppy Seed, Sugar Scrub, 90g
A wonderful vegan sugar scrub that contains real cocoa butter and natural oils. This scrub smells exactly like strawberry fields, delicious!
Take it into the bath or shower and rub it onto the areas you want to scrub! A little cocoa butter will melt and leave you with a scrubby sugar mixture on your skin. 
This scrubs is long lasting, just pop on a soap dish to dry until the next time you need it.
SLS and Paraben Free!

Candy Floss and Mallow, SLS Free Shampoo, Shower Gel, 250ml x2
This luxury, thick and creamy vegan shampoo / shower gel has a beautiful sweet scent of strawberry and vanilla.
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice makes this range mild and gentle, normally very well tolerated by people with sensitive or dry skin conditions.
SLS and Paraben Free!
Thick and Luxurious, Gentle for Sensitive Skin.
100% Recyclable PET bottle.

Black Pomegranate, Soy Wax Candle Melts, 50g
20 hour burn time per 2-3 pieces, 6 pieces per bar.
Some Scholars believe that the forbidden fruit mentioned in the bible was not actually an apple but a pomegranate. When you smell this wonderful fruity vegan candle melt you will see why it was too tempting to resist. It smells exactly how sweet, juicy, ripe pomegranates taste, absolutely delicious!
Vegan Handmade Soap Bar 80g

Rose and Jasmine
A gentle soap with a blissful delicate rose scent topped with a heady exotic jasmine aroma.
This soap is made from vegetable glycerine which is wonderfully moisturising and kind to the skin with a satisfying lather.
SLS, SLES & Paraben Free (No High Street Chemicals)

Rhubarb & Custard, Handmade Soap Bar, 80g
A sweet confectionary accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard. Everyone's childhood favourite! 
This vegan soap is SLS and Paraben Free! (free from high street chemicals).

Strawberry and Rhubarb, Bubble Bar, 80g
Run this chunky vegan bubble bar under the tap while squeezing it gently to release all of its wonderful bubbles. This product contains incredibly gentle ingredients compared to standard bubble baths so it's fantastic to use as an alternative. It will leave your skin soft and moisturized and smelling like a summers day! You can also break this bar in half to get two uses from it.
SLS and Paraben Free!

Strawberry & Rhubarb, SLS Free Bath Bomb, 120g
This gentle vegan bath bombs smells like fresh green rhubarb and juicy sweet strawberries! 
Fizzes away for ages in your bath. Contains sweet almond oil.
SLS and Paraben Free!

Sweet Candy Floss and Mallow, Foot Pumice, 120g
The blissfully sweet aroma of this pretty vegan foot pumice smells just like sweet strawberries and candy floss on a summers day.
One side of the bar is made up of ground pumice stone to use on hard areas on the feet and the other side produces a creamy lather mixed with Coconut Oil to clean and soften the skin. 
You will get plenty of uses from this single bar so it is excellent value for money.
SLS and Paraben Free!

Vegan (everything in our shop is vegan friendly, including the staff)
Vegetarian friendly
No Animal Testing 
No Animal Ingredients 
Cruelty Free
Sustainable Palm Oil 
SLS and Paraben Free.
Bath Product colourants are of the highest cosmetic grade and will not stain your bath.
Handmade in the UK

Ingredients are included with all products. 

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