Natural Soapstone Incense Holder with x10 Handmade Incense (Choose Scent)

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Beautiful Soapstone Incense Burner with Sun engraving plus 10 Vegan Incense of your choice - Expertly handmade from a traditional Indian incense recipe, our natural incense sticks are scented only with natural resins, flower petals and pure essential oils. They're also only coloured with natural dyes. 100% free from chemicals and synthetics, these are soothing and gentle sticks perfect for yoga, meditation and burning in the home. A potent and smooth burning incense, suitable for even delicate pet noses.

Choose from:
Vrindavan champa comes from the wildflowers of Vrindavan, a place in Northern India. It has rich deep floral notes, powerful with a fresh aroma

Rose and Patchouli is a sweet floral incense using pure rose oil, with deep rich earthy tones from the patchouli.

Pink Sayali is a floral incense with the pure oil from the sweet jasmine flowers. Beautifully rich, undeniably floral.

Vanilla incense is scented with pure vanilla oil. It has a sweet and subtle scent.