The Ultimate Vegan Candle Gift Set, Oil Burner, Mama Moon Candle, Incense, 14''

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Treat yourself, a loved one or a friend to this wonderful vegan gift set.
Sealed with gift tag and twine ready to give as a gift.
Every care is put into making these beautiful vegan treats. 


Mama Moon Hand poured vegan candle, 250g, 50hour burn
Sandalwood is magically and spiritually powerful. Its soothing aroma calms the conscious mind before full moon rituals, and promotes higher levels of consciousness, helping with personal growth, spiritual inspiration and manifesting peace. Use this candle to bless your home, or light it on a full moon and make a wish.
Hand-poured in London. Soy and mineral wax blend. Comes in a gift box.

Natural Soapstone Oil Burner (Candle Melt Burner) 4''

Natural Soapstone Incense Holder - Beautiful High Quality Sandstone Incense Burner with Sun Engraving.

Vegan Incense x 10 - Sandalwood & Lavender: A combination of two popular scents, combing subtle and earthy base notes of sandalwood with the distinctive floral overtones of lavender.

Soy Wax Unscented Vegan Tea Lights x4- Made with Plant Oil and Cotton Wicks, Petroleum Free.

Rock Salt & Driftwood, Soy Wax Candle Melts x2 - 25ml 
This relaxing soy wax vegan candle melt reminds us of a day in the spa, relaxing with zen music in beautiful surroundings. 
The tranquil ocean scent is great for pamper days and mediation. Suitable for men or women.
Drift away with this soothing scent. 
Handmade using Eco Soy wax and high quality vegan fragrances that are paraben and phthalate free.
Pop one in your candle fragrance burner let the wonderful aromas fill your home.
20 hour fragrance per melt

Ingredients included