**New Candle & Incense Vegan Gift Set

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Luxury Vegan Gift Set, Candles and Incense.


Natural Soapstone Oil Burner (Candle Melt Burner) 4''
Natural Soapstone Incense Holder - Beautiful High Quality Sandstone Incense Burner with Sun Engraving.
Vegan Incense x 10 - Pink Sayali is a floral incense with the pure oil from the sweet jasmine flowers. Beautifully rich, undeniably floral.
Soy Wax Unscented Vegan Tea Lights x4- Made with Plant Oil and Cotton Wicks, Petroleum Free.
Lime Cooler, Soy Wax, Vegan Candle Melts x2, 25ml
20 hours burn per melt.

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